Tusk to Tail Week 6: Are you smarter than a 15-year tailgater?

The members of Tusk to Tail have been following the Hogs nearly all their lives, missing only one game in the past 15 years. The Florida game on Saturday also marks the 100th consecutive Razorback football game attended by Craig May, the “Godfather” of Tusk to Tail.

Each week, they will be asked to pick the winners of 5 games, and answer one question.

The Tusk to Tail crew continues to have more accurate picks than what is a growing number of respondents. However, we think the fans are due for a win.

Give it a shot! (Link here to the webform to make your picks.)

The Games
Arkansas at #18 Florida
#6 Georgia at Tennessee
#24 Mississippi at Auburn
#4 Ohio State at #16 Northwestern
#15 Washington at #5 Stanford

The Question
Which ranked team will the Razorbacks upset first?  

Possible answers:
No upset this year
South Carolina
Ole Miss

The Predictions
• Sean Casey

Florida wins in an ugly game full of mistakes by both sides, 24-17.
UGA destroys Tenner.
Aubie pulls the upset and squeaks out a win against Ole Miss.  
tOSU defeats a scrappy Northwestern team.
Stanford defends its home turf and beats Washington.
Arkansas's next best chance to score an upset is against USClight at home. Go Hogs!

• Jack Clark
Ole Miss
Ohio St.
No upset this year.

• Dale Cullins
Brandon plays well but we just don't have the play makers. Florida wins 17-13
Georgia rolls over Tenner
Ole Miss wins 24-20 over Auburn
TOSU wins 38 – 20 over NW
Stanford wins close, 24-21 on Udub
We can beat USCe. Being at home gives us the edge. Doesn't hurt that Shaw is out.

• Greg Houser
Sticking with the Kool-aid. I'll take Arkansas in a close one. The new QB concerns me for FLA. I think we'll be able to move the ball enough on their D. Second half adjustments will be key.
Go Dawgs.
Not sure Malzahn has enough tricks up his sleeve. Hotty Totty by a close one.
Picked Wisconsin over the Buckeyes last week. Buckeyes are not to be beat this week. 2 TDs.
Go Stanford and that crazy band and tree. Think I've got them in the natty.
If I'm wrong on Florida, I'll pick Ole Miss as Arkansas' first ranked win of the season. Even with Connor Shaw out, South Cackalacka has more depth. Alabama is a non-issue and Mettenberger makes LSU exceptional. They could've easily beat UGA last week.
Have fun in the sunshine state boys!! Wish I was joining y'all!! It'll be a balmy 62 degrees on Gameday here … unreal!

• Craig May
If we don’t beat Florida, then South Carolina. Arkansas played well at home against the Aggies. South Carolina never plays well in Fayetteville. Hogs will win going away.

• David Rice
Florida. Better teams than this one have lost in the Swamp.
Throw out the records when these two play.  Georgia survives Rocky Top.
I’ll go with Auburn.  Freeze still coaches like he’s in the Sun Belt.
Ohio State, but I really like what that coach has done with Northwestern.
I’ll take Washington in an upset.
Speaking of upsets, I’m not sure the Hogs have one in them this year.  South Carolina at home may present the best chance.

• Mark Wagner
Florida. The Hogs looked better against aTm than they did Rutgers, but I don't think you can gauge our offense based upon the aTm defense. This will be a close game, but we've never won in The Swamp and I don't think we do this year either. I hope I'm wrong. But I do feel the Hogs do have a shot to win this one.
Georgia easily wins this one. Tennessee is somewhat helpless this year. I wish they were on the Hogs schedule.
Mississippi in a close one.
Ohio State. Unfortunately Northwestern is the only team with a chance to beat Ohio State this year. That is until the O play an SEC team for the Natl. Championship. Urban Meyer is scum.
Stanford, but really who cares? It's PAC 10 or 12 football, and in that conference they fire coaches at 4:30 in the morning and don't let them ride back from the airport on the school bus.
We'll upset South Carolina and will also knock off Ole Miss. The other teams we beat this year are Auburn and Miss State. This makes us bowl eligible!

• The Guy Who Stole Dale’s Phone
Miss at Auburn is tough. I will go with Auburn.
The Ohio State.  I will go one step past Mark; I hate Urban and I also hate Ohio State. It pains me to pick them, but business is business.
I have a lot of friends that say we upset either South Carolina or Ole Miss this year. I don't buy it.

Here are how the game predictions compared.

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (Texas A&M 45, Arkansas 33)
T2T: 87.5% picked a Texas A&M win
Survey: 63.3% picked a Texas A&M win
Advantage: T2T

Mississippi at Alabama (Alabama 25, Mississippi 0)
T2T: 100% picked an Alabama win
Survey: 77.3% picked an Alabama win
Advantage: T2T

Wisconsin at Ohio State (Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 24)
T2T: 87.5% picked an Ohio State win
Survey: 66.6% picked an Ohio State win
Advantage: T2T

LSU at Georgia (Georgia 44, LSU 41)
T2T: 62.5% picked a Georgia win
Survey: 53.3% picked a Georgia win
Advantage: T2T

Oklahoma at Notre Dame (Oklahoma 35, Notre Dame 21)
T2T: 50% picked an Oklahoma win
Survey: 63.3% picked an Oklahoma win
Advantage: Survey respondents

For the first six weeks of the season, the Tusk to Tail crew has gone undefeated in the poll.