Tusk to Tail: Week 5 of Are you smarter than these rabid tailgaters?

The members of Tusk to Tail have been following the Hogs nearly all their lives, missing only one game in the past 15 years. Each week, they will be asked to pick the winners of 5 games, and answer one question.

The Tusk to Tail crew continues to have more accurate picks than what is a growing number of respondents. However, we think the fans are due for a win.

Give it a shot! (Link here to the webform to make your picks.)

The Games
#10 Texas A&M at Arkansas
#21 Mississippi at #1 Alabama
#23 Wisconsin at #4 Ohio State
#6 LSU at #9 Georgia
# 14 Oklahoma at #22 Notre Dame

The Question
In what bowl (if any) will the Razorbacks play at the end of the season?

The Predictions
• Sean Casey

aTm beats Arkansas. 44-17
Bama rolls the Bears.
tOSU destroys Wisky.
UGA beats LSU in a close game.
The Irish defeat Big Game Bob and the Sooners.
The Razorbacks don't go to a bowl unless it's on their own dime. Any victory going forward will be a pleasant surprise. 

• Jack Clark
Won't be pretty as the Aggies get the blowout
Bama wins a close one, maybe overtime
Ohio St. wins
I'm going with Georgia
I have no luck with the Irish, but I think they win this one
The Hogs will not go to a bowl, and may not win another game.

• Dale Cullins
A&M – 45 Hogs 17
Ohio State
Notre Dame
With no QB, Hogs will not make a bowl.

• Greg Houser
I've been known as a Kool-aid drinker. So what's changed!!  Arkansas barely!! They move the ball on a horrible A&M run defense and keep the Heisman boy off the field.
Alabama continues to iron out wrinkles. Alabama by 10.
Regardless of Bielema's past job … Meyer loses a close one.
Mettenberger has gotten better, Murray has not. I'll take the Tigers.
Oklahoma finally wins when Notre Dame loses what players they had. OU btw, doesn't finish .500 in the SEC!
I don't care if it's a toilet bowl, Arkansas could still make a bowl and they could definitely use a little more practice.

• Craig May
Texas A&M
No Bowl

• David Rice
Bielema has been getting compared to Houston Nutt lately. What would be Nutt-ier than beating A&M after last week’s loss? Nah, I’m not buying it either.
Every year, up and coming teams think this is the year they can beat Bama. It never is.
Ohio State doesn’t play many good teams, so they need to blow out the ones they do.
Georgia beats LSU.
Oklahoma beats the Irish.
We needed a win over Rutgers to go bowling. The AJ Derby era ends with the Hogs at home.

• Mark Wagner
It kills me to say it, but A&M will beat my beloved Hogs this week. Lord I pray that I'm wrong on this.
Ohio State – Karma can be a B—-
Unless we get a QB, the Arkansas Razorbacks will not go bowling this year. Not jumping off the bandwagon, just considering the reality of the situation. Again I hope I'm wrong on this.

• The Guy Who Stole Dale’s Phone
Aggies. You might not like Manziel, but he is fun to watch. I enjoy him like I enjoyed watching Cam Newton. Neither of which I enjoyed more than our RB McFadden.
Ohio State
Georgia, but that is a wishful thinking pick. 
ND- against my better judgment. Pick based on what I perceive as a little tougher schedule up to this point and home field.
No bowl. (multiple sentences not requested)