Upset football fan at the counter in sports bar

Upset football fan sitting at the counter in sports bar. Tv broadcasting, favorite team loss, game over

Tusk to Tail: Thoughts on beer sales, cow milking machines, and dancing around questions

Do you think Arkansas will fire or retain Chad Morris this season?

Forrest Acuff: If the team was more competitive and showed improvement as the season went on, I would say sure, give Chad Morris another year. However, this team has regressed and is statistically worse than last year’s team. I like Chad and I wish it was going better, but it’s hard to justify keeping a coach that hasn’t won a Power 5 or conference game in two seasons. Unless Arkansas pulls a string of upsets, I foresee a coaching search is in our future.

Jeb Joyce: Hunter Yurachek seems like the type of Athletic Director who is willing to go a different direction, as they say, sooner rather than later (see Mike Anderson). My guess is he will let Morris spend more time with his family at the end of this year. I’m thinking beer sales with 60,000 instead of 30,000 fans would help offset the monthly payments to Morris.

Todd Rudisill: We lose this game and Sunday or Monday will be a repeat of ’92 and the Jack Crowe firing by Broyles. Only this time it will be after game 10. Yurachek can’t afford to lose any more season ticket holders. We have yet to see a full house and a hostile environment since the north end zone addition opened last season. When that will happen again is a crap shoot. When the media has turned on a coach like a few have, it’s not good. Morris dances around questions every press conference and doesn’t give straight answers. It just doesn’t feel right and I think he is in over his head.

• Western Kentucky @ Arkansas
Todd Rudisill: I guess the Storey wasn’t over. He’s back. Last Saturday, I witnessed a home crowd very frustrated with a head coach. The man finally gave in and announced John Stephen Jones as the starter this week, but we will see KJ Jefferson as well. The defense looked like a pee wee league D last week, giving up almost 500 yards rushing. You have to think they would get fired up and have some pride to stop their former QB this week. Ty Storey threw three picks last week, but is still throwing for 300 yards. What will our QBs be able to do is the biggest question. Does the nightmare end for one week? I think the fire is there to play for these QBs. Hogs over Hilltoppers 27-24

Sam Atkinson: After last week’s failure to show up, I think the Hogs will realize the need for a victory. Ty Storey will perform very well, but our defense finally shows up. Hogs by 3, 31 to 28 over Western Kentucky.

Sean Casey: Geez, Razorback nation has turned into a post-apocalyptic Zombieland where no one gives the Razorbacks a chance at beating a C-USA team from Kentucky. The team, the coaches, and the fanbase are desperate for a win but don’t see one in sight. Fortunately, the Hogs will win Saturday. KJ Jefferson comes in off the bench and passes for 188 yards, rushes for 80 yards, and gets 2 TD’s. Our rent-a-win game turns into an actual win (novel concept). Hogs beat the Hilltoppers 27-24 in OT. See you on Dickson Street afterward.

Craig May: Does anyone really believe the torture is going to end this weekend? Arkansas does not score points. You can’t win games if you don’t score points. Enter Ty Storey with a chip on his shoulder. This guy is completing 70% of his passes this season and has thrown for 300 yards the past 3 games. The WKU defense is ranked in the top 25. I just don’t see Arkansas moving the chains. RIP Chad. WKU 24, Arkansas 20

• #20 Kansas State @ Texas
Sean Casey: Look, I’m not watching this game and neither are you. When the Hogs are this awful, one thing that can still make our shallow Razorback hearts smile is when the Longhorns lose, and that is the only reason any of us are even mildly interested in Kansas State vs Texas. K-State beat Oklahoma while Texas was dominated by both the Sooners and TCU and then almost lost to Kansas. Maybe a week off to recuperate and homefield advantage will help Texas, but I doubt it. I like the KSU Wildcats in this game. The Wildcats are on a roll, they’re the more physical team, and Texas is a clown show. Kansas State wins 35 to 28

Todd Rudisill: Texas is not back. Hope they never will be.

• #18 Iowa @ #16 Wisconsin
Jeb Joyce: My favorite thing about all these interchangeable mid level Big Ten teams is they all play for some antiquated trophy with a ridiculous name. I pick Wisconsin to take care of business against Iowa, thereby retaining the Automatic Cow Milking Machine of Dubuque trophy.

• #5 Penn State @ #13 Minnesota
Forrest Acuff: This is the biggest game Minnesota has been a part of in the short tenure of PJ Fleck. Sure, both teams are undefeated but Minnesota hasn’t had a test like this yet this year. Penn State will benefit from being no stranger to the big game and their tough scheduling tests so far this season. I like Penn St to cover the -7, for entertainment purposes only.

• #11 Baylor @ TCU
Sam Atkinson: Baylor is one of the hottest teams in the Big 12. TCU is a maybe or maybe not team. I think TCU playing at home will help, but Baylor wins by at TD. Baylor 45-38 over TCU.

• #1 LSU @ #2 Alabama
Todd Rudisill: Thank goodness the Hog’s game is at 11 a.m. and not 3 p.m. With LSU and Bama at 2:30 p.m., the UA may have had to put the game on the jumbotrons or there may have been more people outside the stadium watching at the tailgates. No one knows if Tua is going to be back or not, except for Saban. Either way, LSU has looked great against Auburn’s defense and Florida’s defense. Burrow hit more than 75% of his passes. This is not the typical strong Alabama defense we are used to seeing. Don’t expect a low scoring game of the past, but the defenses will make stops. In the end, Bama owns LSU year in and year out. Until the Tigers step up and win one, you have to go with Bama, Saban, and whomever the Bama QB is. Roll Tide. Again. 31-27.

Craig May: When Trump shows up bad things happen. LSU 30, Bama 27.

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