Tusk To Tail: Picking a Hog upset and the 2014 season

You can listen to the so-called Razorback and college football experts on radio and TV, or you can soak up the intelligence from a group of tailgaters who have followed the Hogs for more than 15 years.

So what do these veterans think will happen this week and next year in college football? Read on.

The Games
Mississippi State at Arkansas
Texas A&M at LSU
Arizona State at UCLA
Missouri at Mississippi
Baylor at Oklahoma State

The Question
What will the Razorbacks' record be next season (2014)? Any other parting words?

The Predictions
• Sean Casey
Arkansas pulls off an upset and wins 31-28.
Aggies run and LSU lays down, aTm wins 45-32.
UCLA wins at home.
Ole MIss upsets the Tigers in Oxford.
Okie Light wins 84-81.

Next season the Razorbacks go 5-7 but fortunately the losses help Bielema overcome his ridiculous windbreaker superstition.

Two parting thoughts: First, the best stories never make the article. Second, somehow the men of Tusk to Tail are able to get me in trouble even when they're 1,000 miles away.

• Jack Clark
Arkansas. I'm going against my early 3-9 prediction and think the hogs may win this one.
Texas A&M
Ole Miss

Arkansas will be 5-7 next year.

• Dale Cullins
The Hogs’ last hope. Have to go with the team, but I will not be shocked if the Hogs lose. Hogs 24, State 17.
LSU holds off Johnny, 38-35.
Close game, going with the home team Bruins, 31-28
Ole Miss playing well and I really don't like MO. Rebels 27-23.
The Pokes can actually play some D, OSU 48 Bears 45.

The schedule is still not in the Hogs favor and I still don't see any options at QB and the D will still be too young. I say 5-7 at best.

I'm just as frustrated as the rest of Hog nation. My prediction of a 6-6 season this year was based on decent QB play and some defensive improvement. Our QB play has been spotty and they have had no help from the receiving corps.

The Defense has been worse than expected, and based on our coaching talent or the resumes they presented upon hiring, I'm left to believe it is all talent or lack thereof. As always it comes down to the Jimmies and the Joes. We have a lack of both, and so far the recruiting seems to be promising, but the ranking of the class is discouraging.

The state of the football program looks pretty bleak until 2016. By then the talent should be in place and the schedule flips back in the Hogs favor for home games. I just hope Coach can get enough improvement out of these guys the next couple of years to keep the fans and administration happy as the heat has already been turned on from where I sit.

• Greg Houser
Let's go Piggies! Hogs by 7.
Aggies win a close one.
Bruins get the homefield advantage.
Hate to say it, but Mizzou will easily outscore the Hotty Toddy's.
Toss up, but I'll say Okie Light.

I gotta believe the Razorbacks will get better at every position and barely get to bowl eligibility in 2014. I hope I underestimate them and they get 8 wins!

Winning or not, Tusk to Tail loves our Razorbacks! If winning can't happen (like this year) then it sure does help to hang around a great bunch of guys like Tusk to Tail! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

• Craig May
Texas A&M

Next Season Record is 6-6.

The last two season have been tough to watch, but this coaching staff and team are heading in the right direction. I am looking forward to recruiting season.

• David Rice
Like Tom Petty says, “Even the losers get lucky sometimes.” Hogs remain unbeaten in the Rock.

What a game! I love watching Johnny Football, and I love to see what Les Miles will do in a big game. I’ll take the Tigers at Death Valley.
Sun Devils beat UCLA.
Ole Miss wins at home.
Baylor can’t remain undefeated can they? I’ll take the Cowboys.

Next year’s schedule is every bit as tough as this one was. Feels like 5-7. On the bright side, that should prevent a price increase.

For as poorly as the Razorbacks have played this year, I sure have had good times … until the credit card bills come.

• Mark Wagner
Arkansas breaks the losing streak and beats MSU at the Rock!
Missouri, although I really hope Ole Miss knocks them off.

Record will be 6-6. There will be improvement, but realistically we are two years from having a very good team. Next year we either have a so-so QB (Allen) or a very inexperienced one (Peavey). The DB's will be better, but will still be young, and we need some receivers. So that is why I predict the 6-6 regular season, and we get to go to a bowl. Basically it's what I was hoping we would do this year.

It's been a frustrating year. I think the program needs to catch up, or at least close the gap with the expectations of the fans. And I think the fans need to have realistic expectations. But regardless, Tusk to Tail will continue to tailgate on, and that makes going to all the games worthwhile.

• The Guy Who Stole Dale’s Phone
Arkansas – If we don't win this game, Jack Clark's prediction of a 3-win season will have proved to be correct. I can't handle an off-season of, "I called that record, Chuck."
Ok State

Six wins next year.

We need a win in the next two games and this obviously is our best shot. Without a win, this will go down as a very disappointing season. Moving from a Petrino offense to Coach B's style has been more difficult that most expected and our defense has also underperformed. Hopefully for all the Hogs, next year there will be some improvement.  If not, Long and Coach B better have very effective ear plugs because it will get loud and nasty.