Tusk to Tail: ‘Not enough Kool-aid in the world to help the Hogs’

You can listen to the so-called Razorback and college football experts on radio and TV, or you can soak up the intelligence from a group of tailgaters who have followed the Hogs for more than 15 years.

The members of Tusk to Tail have been following the Hogs nearly all their lives, missing only one game in the past 15 years. Craig May, the “Godfather” of Tusk to Tail, will attend this Saturday his 102nd consecutive Razorback football game.

Following is their take on how week 8 will shake out in the wonderful world of college football.

The Games
Arkansas at #1 Alabama
#22 Florida at #14 Missouri
#7 Texas A&M at #24 Auburn
#13 Stanford at #9 UCLA
#5 Florida State at #3 Clemson

The Question
What do you think about the season so far, and how you plan to spend the bye week?

• Sean Casey
Bama 52-0
Mizzou 17-14
Aubie pulls off the upset 49-48
Stanford bounces back, 35-28
Free Shoe U upsets the Clemson kitties, 35-24.

We watched the beginning of a 3-9 season at Rutgers. Mike Gundy, Art Briles and Gus Malzahn look pretty good right now. We'll be splitting time between a soccer game, a softball "Spooker" tournament and a baseball tournament the bye week, which is a typical weekend in the Casey house.

• Jack Clark
I think Alabama will escape with a win.
Florida wins
Texas A&M wins
Stanford will recover this week and beat UCLA
Florida St. wins

I'm going to spend the open weekend working in my yard. Or maybe not.

• Dale Cullins
Feel like Saban will take it easy on The Hogs, 45 – 10
Liking Florida now that MO has no QB, Gators 32 – 20
Johnny runs wild on AU Defense, 41 – 31 A&M
UCLA in the upset, 23 – 20
Clemson at Home 24 – 21

Other than the Rutgers Game we are where most Hogs fans probably thought we would be. I think the trouble is how we got here. The lack of talent is worse than we expected, and I just hope Coach B can keep the kids focused and to play the games one at a time. I plan to spend some family time and hope I go no further from home than Roger's next weekend.

• Greg Houser
I’m still the Kool-aid drinker, but there is not enough Kool-aid in the world to help the Hogs. Bama by 28.
I'll take the Gators over Mizzou with Franklin out. Gators by 10
Manziel is too much. Over the Tigers by 7
Stanford comes back angry.
Not sure in this ACC match up. I'll take the home team Tigers for an advantage of 3.

I think Bielema's style of ball will be great, but it'll take time to develop. He's proven that he puts guys in the NFL, and that'll definitely help recruiting. If Coach was a schemer then we might win sooner (maybe a lot sooner), but I'm in it for the long haul. If we do become successful, I hope Bielema and staff stay for the long haul as well.

• Craig May
Texas A & M

This season has gone about like I expected. It was frustrating to not get a win at Rutgers and after the last several weeks the team needs some time off to refocus. I’m hoping we show some improvement in the last 4 games. Time to start building for next season.

• David Rice
Alabama is going to get their licks in now, because one of these days the Hogs are going to be OK again.
Florida wins an ugly one on the road.
I like Auburn in an upset.
Stanford bounces back with a win.
Florida State seems a little better to me.

This season hasn’t been great on the field, but it’s been a blast traveling with Tusk to Tail. Like the Ole Ball Coach said last week, Arkansas has to recruit their way out of this mess. After traveling to Razorback games and drinking too much every weekend, I get to spend the bye week traveling to a college reunion, and most likely drinking too much.

• Mark Wagner
Bama by a bunch
Florida. I hate Missouri, but I'm not sure why

Our record is only one game worse than I thought we would be at this point in the season (damn you Rutgers). The Hogs take another beating this weekend. I hope it doesn't completely destroy what confidence they have left. The Bye week will be welcome both for the Hogs and for yours truly. Having 8 weekends in a row (7 of them traveling) is starting to get a little old. Need to re-introduce myself to the family & the dog. I actually feel like we can have a successful rest of the season after this week. By successful I think we will at least win half of the remaining 4 games.

• The Guy Who Stole Dale’s Phone
After finally making an appearance at our tailgate during week 7, our anonymous friend disappeared at some point in the third quarter, and is yet to be seen again. Godspeed, Guy Who Stole Dale’s Phone.