Tusk to Tail: Gonna be another tough week for the Hogs. Sonofa …

The members of Tusk to Tail, who have been following the Hogs nearly all their lives and missed only one game in the past 15 years, are offering their opinions on the next week of college football. They also opine on they believe will win the Heisman.

The Games
Arkansas at Ole Miss
#10 LSU at #1 Alabama
Kansas State at #25 Texas Tech
Virginia Tech at #14 Miami
#16 UCLA at Arizona

The Question
Who will win this year's Heisman Trophy?

The Predictions
• Sean Casey

Ole Miss wins, 42-7.
Bama dines on corndog.
Texas Tech
Miami rebounds with a win.
Arizona beats the Bruins.
Johnny Manziel repeats as the winner of the Heisman.

• Jack Clark
Ole Miss
Kansas State
Florida State QB Jameis Winston wins Heisman.

• Dale Cullins
Ole Miss wins an ugly game, 27-20
Bama rolls, 41-24
Tech gets back on the winning side 30-24
Miami pulls out a close one, 20-17
UCLA wins, 23-17
I'm thinking the Oregon QB has the best chance at it. Mariota for now.

• Greg Houser
Guess I'll have to take Hotty Toddy. At least we'll be there to cheer them on!
Bama wins, but I think those Tigers give them a run for their money the entire game.
Kingsbury has too much fashion and Texas Tech wins in apparel and on the scoreboard.
I think the Canes are clawing their way back to their old self. Take the Canes by 10.
UCLA over the Wildcats. I rarely watch PAC football, so don't ask for a line.
I think Manziel should be a front runner but I think A&M's losses will keep him from it.  Ask me again in two weeks.

• Craig May
Ole Miss
Marcus Mariota

• David Rice
No way I’m picking the Hogs on the road right now.
Bama is just better so they get my vote, but LSU always gives them fits. 
Texas Tech stops the bleeding with a win.
Virginia Tech upsets Miami, who is still reeling from the blowout loss last week.
Assuming he stays healthy, Marcus Mariota wins the Heisman by a landslide.

• Mark Wagner
Arkansas – because I am such a homer
Texas Tech
Va Tech – this is my upset of the week.
Jameis Winston, the Florida State QB. I don't really know why I think he is better than anyone else. It's just a gut feel.

• The Guy Who Stole Dale’s Phone
Ole Miss
Mariota, but it ought to be Manziel.