Tusk to Tail: Aggie week and 7 Predictions from Highly Effective Tailgaters

In less than three weeks, the fortunes of the football Razorbacks have changed so much that predictions of a 10-2 season have fallen to questions of if the Hogs will even win a conference game this year. In other words, “Uncommon” has given way to Uncertain. Or Unbelievable. Or Unexpected.

But the Tusk to Tail show must go on, and following are this week’s 7 Predictions from Highly Effective Tailgaters.

After two straight non-conference losses, Arkansas begins conference play this week on the road. Which game will be the Razorbacks’ first SEC win this season?

Dale Cullins
It’s hard to see a win on the schedule right now with the defense showing so many holes. However, I do feel like we have a good coaching staff, and as the players get some game experience, they will improve. I'll be a homer and give the Hogs an edge on Auburn, and maybe even Mississippi State since both are home games.

David Rice
This A&M team plays a similar style to Texas Tech, but with much better athletes, so it’s hard to be optimistic this weekend. I think we are better than Tennessee, but SEC road wins are hard to come by. If we can’t win either of those, we may not win a conference game until Mississippi State or Mizzou come to town in late November.

#14 Texas A&M vs. Arkansas
Sean Casey
Texas Tech whipped Arkansas at home and aTm is better than Tech across the board, except maybe one position: quarterback. Under fire, the Hogs show up to Jerry World ready to play. Arkansas surprises the world and wins this game 35-34.

Greg Houser
Ok, so I'll be as much of a homer as possible and say that the Hogs win by 3 this weekend with a lot of help from A&M. At some point, I may not continue to think that Bielema can right this ship. But as it stands, I believe he can motivate his players and get them to play close to the way we ended last year. I hope Enos is capable of being a great OC, but geez, I have no idea what this guy wants out of his offense. Not sure his players do either.

Mark Wagner
I'm a homer and believe that we will win every game we play. So while it will be difficult if the defense doesn't show up again and we can't score once we get into the red zone, I predict the Hogs win in a thriller 31-28.

Todd Rudisill
It’s time to come to grips with reality. With our top tailback, fullback, and three wide receivers (two of whom block well) out on offense, it’s killing us. And the defense is going to have trouble with up-tempo offenses. Guess what’s up next? Another one of those. Sumlin mentored Kingsbury, who evidently thinks an 11-point win is an ass kicking. Hoping for the best, but it looks to be a long Saturday night in Texas. Aggies 38-21.

#18 Utah @ #13 Oregon
David Rice
Nike University has a formidable homefield advantage, but their quarterback is banged up. Utah gives the Ducks a tough game, but fall short, 40-28.

Todd Rudisill
The Utes are tied for 102nd in the nation in pass defense, giving up an average of 258.7 yards per game through the air. Ducks 38-30.

#9 UCLA @ #16 Arizona
Sean Casey
How will UCLA freshman QB Rosen handle the pressure on the road? It won't matter. Arizona has a porous rushing defense and UCLA wins on the ground gaining 300 yards on the ground. UCLA gets its 4th win with a low score of 28-24.

David Rice
It’s hard to back a true freshman quarterback on the road, but it’s harder to support Arizona Coach Dick Rod. UCLA by a field goal.

#8 LSU @ Syracuse
David Rice
Leonard Fournette proved he is a grown ass man last week against Auburn, but wouldn’t it be just like LSU to suffer a letdown in the Carrier Dome? I think the Tigers win an ugly one, 20-16.

Todd Rudisill
Evidently LSU is more worried about Syracuse running out of alcohol per their VP of the alumni association than the game. LSU big. 44-17.

Vanderbilt @ #3 Mississippi
Mark Wagner
Even with the hangover from all the partying after beating the Crimson Tide last week, the Ole Miss Rebel/Brown Bears keep it going against Vandy. Vanderbilt’s win over Austin Peay won't matter in this game. I see this as a blowout. Ole Piss 57 – Vandy 17

David Rice
Ole Miss could be ripe for a letdown after beating Bama for the second straight season. Even so, they should coast to victory at home, 31-13.

#3 TCU @ Texas Tech
Craig May
TCU enters the game a 9.5 point favorite, while the Red Raiders are coming off an upset win at Arkansas last Saturday. This looks like one of those letdown games for Texas Tech. Expect this game to be a track meet, with both offenses racking up yardage and points. TCU 56, Texas Tech 45.

David Rice
You want to talk about an ass kicking? TCU won this one last year 82-27, led by quarterback Trevone Boykin’s 7 touchdown passes. Tech QB Patrick Mahomes had a field day against the Razorbacks last week, and the Horned Frog defense has been roughed up this season. If he comes out that sharp Saturday, things could get interesting. TCU 57, Texas Tech 49