Tusk to Tail: 10 pics from Victory Village before the Hogs hit the Rams

Who knew Arkansas would score 55 points and the O’Grady kid would carry damn near half the Colorado State team with him to the end zone? But they did, and he did.

And here are 10 images from the Tusk to Tail party prior to the fun on the field.

(from left) Greg Houser and Sam Atkinson

(from left) Chris May, Roby Brock, David Rice and Dale Cullins

Kara and Dale Cullins

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  1. Stacy Cox

    Views are fleeting, and good party spots. My wife and I were the first fans to bring our picnic to our spot beneath the hedge apple tree, on the slope below, and South, of the Administration Bldg. We watched Matt Jones on the Smart Vision screen and listened to the radio broadcast. But not for long. Next came the frat tents and then the State Police car parking. Then the renovation of the North end zone. No more view, and no more Smart Vision hillsiders. Long live the Tusk to Tail tailgating spot. All you need is a mobile toilet trailer and you’ll be totally keeping up with the Jone’s’. Go Hogs!!!

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