Close up shot of a basketball showing the seams

Close up shot of a basketball showing the black seams

Coaches Richardson, Sutton were honored at annual Red-White game

Former University of Arkansas head basketball coaches Nolan Richardson and Eddie Sutton were coaches in the annual Red-White Razorback basketball matchup held Saturday (Oct. 5) in Barnhill Arena.

The teams were divided into “Team Eddie” (Red) and “Team Nolan” (White). The two teams flipped their jerseys at halftime so the original Red team could be “Team Nolan” for the second half and vice versa. Head coach Eric Musselman wanted all the current Razorbacks to honor the former coaches and players represented on both sides.

Also, the score was reset to 0-0 at halftime.

The original “Red” team defeated the original “White” team 62-54. The Red squad raced out to a 44-21 lead at halftime, getting 21 rebounds to their opponents’ nine. When the teams switched jerseys in the second half, the momentum switched as well. The new Red team outscored their opponents 33-18 in the second half, but it was not enough to pull out the win.

The original “Red” team consisted of Adrio Bailey, Connor Vanover, Isaiah Joe, JD Notae, Jimmy Whitt Jr., Emeka Obukwelu and Ethan Henderson. The original “Red” team scored 62 points total (1st: 24; 2nd: 20; 3rd: 10; 4th: 8)

The original “White” team consisted of Jeantal Cylla, Reggie Chaney, Desi Sills, Jalen Harris, Mason Jones, Abayomi Iyiola and Ty Stevens. The original “White” team scored 54 points (1st: 7; 2nd: 14; 3rd: 19; 4th: 33)

The original Red team also lead by 23 (44-21) at the break.

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